Facing your fears – but first discover them!

Recently I went to Indian Mountaineering Foundation for climbing on recommendation of a friend. The place is raw and seems real fun. Four walls categorized on the level of complexity stands side by side. Obviously! I would begin with the Blue wall (the simplest they say).


I was never scared of heights and used to brag about my love of heights by standing on the corner when visiting hills. When I reached to my threshold on the wall where my arms and shoulders gave up to climb further, I realized at that very moment that may be I am not scared of this height but sure I am scared of falling even if I know I am supported by a harness and someone is standing on the ground to bail me. Okay I understand its against the natural survival instincts of a human. Falling down is not a comfortable disposition but you know you are being bailed. One more discovery – Trust issues! If the person below fails to hold tight and can’t save me. This person has no relation with me why would he/she be bothered if I get hurt. It’s just their job .. right?

Seriously! this mistrust.

But after a point of time body gave up and I had to let go of the hold. Wohoo! falling was scary for few milliseconds and then it was fine. It will take few more iterations of falling down to be more comfortable with it. Of course! I will have to be comfortable. If I stay up there holding on to the wall for long, I will get tired and my strength will eventually give up and I will lose the interest consequently and won’t come back to this place. So much loss for one fear! Totally not worth it! Took a leap of faith and yes there was certain improvement but a lot of scope is there to improve yet.

May be that’s why our elders say – Get comfortable with failures. Don’t hold on to them for so long. Hit it hard next time and taste the success.

Long way to go woman! Buck up!

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Le petit Prince

le-petit-princeThey say when you want to understand life again – talk to a kid or an elderly person.

I chose the former one for now 🙂

My favorite parts from the book are those where the little prince meets the fox.  As austere as their conversation sounds, it is perhaps the most fundamental yet unplumbed – no not unplumbed or unfounded but disregarded truth by us – the grown ups (as we please ourselves to call so or tend to think so).

When fox tells the prince how to create ties – to tame him 🙂

“For me you’re only a little boy just like a hundred thousand other little boys. And I have no need of you. And you have no need of me either. For you I’m only a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. But if you tame me, we’ll need each other. You’ll be the only boy in the world for me. I’ll be the only fox in the world for you”.

When fox explains the importance of ties – the importance of being important to someone – the importance of making someone feel important.

“If you tame me, my life will be filled with sunshine. I’ll know the sound of footsteps that will be different from the rest. Other footsteps send me back underground. Yours will call me out of my burrow like music. And then look! You see the wheat fields over there! I don’t eat bread. For me wheat is of no use whatever. Wheat fields say nothing to me. Which is sad. But you have hair the color of gold. So it will be wonderful, once you’ve tamed me! The wheat, which is golden, will remind me of you. And I’ll love the sound of the wind in the wheat”.

But it takes patience and effort to build the relationships. It takes time – your time to nurture it – to grow – to be strong!

“It would have been better to return at the same time”, the fox said. “For instance, if you come at four in the afternoon. I’ll begin to be happy by three. The closer it gets to the four, the happier I’ll feel.” 

Such simple truths. Such fundamentals. This austerity!

The prince would leave and the fox would cry. Prince in his innocence does not understand the whole predicament is confused and is wondering that it’s fox’s fault that he is weeping now because he himself insisted on taming him and what did he get in return when he knew Prince would leave.

“I get something”, said the fox, “because of the color of the wheat”.

With the fear of quoting too much from the book and be an unintentional culprit of copyright infringement, I would stop here. I wish I could gather other words to tell it, but there could not be any other way – for we lack this austerity, we lack this vocal expression, we lack this simplicity.

Antoine de Saint Exupery said it well – All that is essential is invisible to eyes.

Wish we find the glasses to read Life as it is and not as it seems. 🙂

Happy Living!

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Tough decisions in life

Pet changes you for good 🙂 Yea, they do..

What are you struggling with – Love, Family, Work, Ambitions and blah blah blah

What my pet is struggling with – she has to make real tough decisions in life – whether to stay in the room or move out in the hall, whether to lie down horizontally or vertically on the bed, to sleep on my blanket or Aastha’s blanket, Dog-walker is ringing door bells – Oh! Let me think whether I want to go for walk now or later, Aah! This whole world is my toilet – whether to pee on the wet soil or besides the empty space of Red Audi.

It’s tough to find the right spot on the bed to sleep especially when you have occupied my space with a machine you call laptop. I need to decide whether I should tear your shoe lace, your sock or my own bed.

Hmm – you are working from home today, Awesome! Let me bark only when you have a client call. Of course! I am the most important ‘person’ in this whole living house.

She makes tough choices every single minute of her life, and we say – We humans deal with a lot! huh!


But what their austerity teaches you?

Love unconditionally, express freely, live in peace, sleep like a ‘DOG’, no grudges and enjoy good meal 🙂

Aah! Life ain’t that hard 🙂


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Silhouette – boundaries of time


बेतरतीब से इक साँचे में, कुछ यूँ कि वो शामिल हुए,
जिंद ठहरी वक़्त की आड़ में, रूह से वो राहिल हुए!

For who has learnt to be a wanderer inside will not stagnate
Frozen impressions of time might delude, thou shall not wait!

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9 years of this courtship!

9 years back 26 Nov 2007, Infosys -Mysore – lavish campus, hundreds of people/ professionals like me. Well back then! I could not call myself a professional for it happened to be the first day of my professional career. From the grandeur of Mysore campus to the fun in Hyderabad campus to the affordable rental houses in Pune, late nights in office, after work parties – early mornings again, that zeal of getting to know everything and a carefree life embracing changes as they come.

Aah! and today 9 years later – I am wondering what a journey it has been. Good thing about anniversaries is that they play a rewind of your time and bad thing about anniversaries is that that play a rewind of your time :).

What an assortment your life is – A lot of people who came for a temporary period defining impermanence, A few of the lot who stayed – glad! some are permanent, ever-changing work, technology and a reminiscence that you started with something that is getting obsolete now… Ohh! with this realization this ‘almost a decade’ seems like an antique.

Good decisions, opportunities, bad decisions, worst phases, wonderful people, some bullshit asshole people, Some achievements, A few regrets on missed opportunities, a lot of ‘What ifs’?

What did you earn?

Experience – well that is rhetoric

Wisdom – I trust myself here that 5 years down the line, I will still be pondering on stupidities I did in my present time

Technology learning – Aah! that is changing so fast, whatever you learned would probably not make any sense in coming years.

People – yea a few, may be that’s the only treasure you get….

अनुभव – अनुभूतियों को बटोरते
हम बढ़ते चले जाते हैं
वक़्त सागर सा बह जाता है
लहरें उठती गिरती रहती हैं
इन लहरों के थपेड़ों में
अस्तित्व बचता है अगर कोई
चट्टानों पे खींची उन लकीरों का
अमिट गहराई जिनकी वक़्त और गहरी कर जाता है !!
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Trespassing! Why ?

To all those Shreyas who are angry at me or jealous that I got the sitename – “shreya.wordpress.com” readily available.

You know certain things in life comes on first come first serve basis – May be I joined a little too early here where this blog site was just nascent or could say “I just got lucky”.

Don’t be disheartened – there are many names still available prefixing with Shreya – can try that ? Also i hope you see the blog is not yet dead 🙂

Why wasting time in trying to reset the password ?



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A beautiful stranger – a pleasant memory!

Jan 2015
In bus – Bombay to Pune.

Often in our lives, we come across people who are not part of our journey and probably there are no promises of meeting again, but sometimes they leave a memory to cherish later.

I met this old uncle on my way to Pune after my final good bye to Bombay. Nostalgic as we always are on leaving a place, I was as usual scanning the roads (may be one last time), totally oblivion of the person sitting next to me on window seat. Lost in my thoughts, I didn’t realise I was drawing circles with my fingers on the seat ahead. Curious as he was, he asked me – “Pune kahan jaa rahe ho beta”, a little startled I was like – “haanji uncle! ek dost ko milne”. May be my “haanji” suggested him my Indian categorization and he asked “Punjabi ho?”. I smiled – “haanji”, and it broke the ice – we started talking.
An ex-army man, he was 65 and had lost his wife recently. Every story of him was orbing around his beloved wife. Talking of her passions, care, beauty, their togetherness his eyes welled up. “I am sorry beta, I don’t want to cry but it’s just that the loss is huge and I miss her a lot. My girls are married and are happy in their lives. We were just two together and used to spend lot of time talking and talking. You know once I woke up early from our daily afternoon nap and I was looking at her while she was sleeping. Clad in Saaree and her red bindi she looked ethereal and so much at peace. Suddenly she woke up and I said smiling – ‘jab tum jaaogi na tab bhi itni hi sundar lagogi’. I guess I should not have said that.” Oops! Awkward silence thereafter and two pair of eyes were welled up then ! We talked on much random stuff later until my destination came. I don’t remember the latter conversations, I was stuck there in that part of conversation.

Beautiful are those people who can feel deeply and express with such simplicity!

IMG_0199 (1)

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